I.L.D. USA: "Growing Leaders to Impact the World as Disciplemakers"

 J-Life USA has become ILDUSA and our vision is "Growing Leaders to Impact the World as Disciplemakers"In answer to Jesus' call to "imitate me" by bearing "much fruit", ILDUSA facilitates an "Intentional Leadership Development" process in the context of the local church's mission to "make disciples who make disciples" - just as Jesus did!


In addition, ILDUSA continues to support the ongoing work of multiplying disciplemakers by J-Life Africa (http://jlife.org.za/).


Check out our director's bio and connect with us anytime by clicking the "Contact" tab above or http://www.ILDUSA.org/leader/bio/.


ILDUSA is located in New York and our calling has grown to five continents.  Soon the other tabs on this website will be updated to reflect our expanded vision.  Please be patient as we experience the exciting pains of growth and change!

Are you passionate about impacting others for Christ?

ILDUSA is mobilizing disciple making movements by "growing leaders to impact the world as disciplemakers" through Intentional Leaqdership Development.

ILDUSA can help your church engage current and potential leaders in a life-changing process of Intentional Leadership Development (ILD).  Take your F.A.T. members (Faithful, Available, Teachable) through a developmental journey in Spiritual Formation, Leadership Capacity, and Disciplemaking Lifestyle over the next 8-9 months!


ILDUSA provides the structure, support, and some input as you facilitate the intentionality so often missing in the local church. 


Too often the church relies on leaders developed by the corporate world with objectives different from God's call to "make disciples who make disciples".  With the motivation of "loving God and loving others" (Matthew 22:37-39) and the context of making disciples who multiply themselves like Jesus calls us to do (Matthew 28:18-20), ILDUSA will help you transform leaders into disciplemakers as each one wrestles with God in their daily lives over the next 8-9 months.  Call us today to start the journey together.


Our local communities need YOU. Now is the time to reach out and impact this generation of current and potential leaders.  So many people need to experience the love of Christ. Take this opportunity to intentionally develop yourself as a leader and/or the people God has sent to your community of faith.  Grow the commitment to a daily lifestyle of serving God by meeting others' needs while being trained in relevant, Christ-centered, disciplemaking leadership.


You can develop reproducing, disciplemaking, leaders over the next year if your pastor will commit 2 hours/month to the process!

Our Mission:

Through holistic personal development in community with others who are like-minded, ILDUSA equips and mobilizes the church in America to develop disciplemaking leaders that impact the local and global community for Jesus with a disciplemaking lifestyle.


Our Method:

ILDUSA offers current and potential leaders the opportunity to grow while serving in the local church.  ILDUSA provides the structure, support and some input to those who respond to the invitation to an intense period of training and application in spiritual growth, leadership capacity, and disciplemaking lifestyle.


Our Outcomes:

What will someone gain from joining an Intentional Leadership Development group at your church?

  • Hands-on experience in local church ministry
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Effective tools to use as you expand your leadership capacity in ministry
  • Ministry exposure in a local and global church context
  • Daily opportunities to serve God by making disciples who make disciples


Our Claim:

Each pastor can grow 5 or more leaders over the next year who will turn around and grow 5 or more leaders IF you commit 2 hours/month in partnership with 2 other pastors!

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